Contra Aztlán: A Critique of Chicano Nationalism [Revised]

Here is Aztlán: a new nation to arise in the U.S. Southwest/West as part of the assumed patrimony of all Chicanxs, by way of a supposed shared ethnic heritage. As an anti-state communist, I desire the overthrow of capitalism en su totalidad. How then could even Chicanx anti-state communists support a plan which would inevitably align us with a new national bourgeoisie? The contradictions are glaring and would result in no liberation of the actual people which make up this “Chicanx nation” from wage labor and general exploitation. Yet another revolution forestalled in the name of national sovereignty.

Notes on the police and the banlieues

...the police play their role of maintaining this set of affairs by force, by reminding those who suffer under it that it could always be much worse. The daily injustice felt there holds a functional role: those who are willing to calmly undergo a police checkpoint so that they do not lose their job will be also willing to do an extra unpaid hour of overtime to keep it.

“Our neighborhoods are not political deserts”

[Originally published in French by Lundi Matin on Feb. 14th, 2016. Translated into English by ediciones ineditos. Translator's note: "banlieue" is translated as "suburbs" in this piece but in France, the "banlieues" on the outskirts of Paris carries a connotation closer to "the hood," often accompanied by xenophobic and racist stereotypes of its racialized residents.] … Continue reading “Our neighborhoods are not political deserts”

A Few Clarifications on Anti-Work

There persists a certain confusion around the notion of anti-work. "On the Origins of Anti-Work" (Echanges et Mouvement, 2005) did not escape this fate as well. The confusion consists in not sufficiently specifying the notion of anti-work. On one hand, it consists of placing in the same category as anti-work certain behaviors like worker laziness, which looks to do the least amount of work, or the preference for (compensated) unemployment or living life on the margin. These resistant acts of work refusal are as old as the proletariat itself and do not define modern anti-work. On the other hand, the confusion consists of placing in the same category as anti-work resistant practices against exploitation which are indeed pro-work, like Luddism for example. However, I believe that we should rather keep the term anti-work for the struggles of our time (since '68) that show that the proletariat is no longer a class which affirms itself in revolution as hegemonic labor and is neither a class which will make work obligatory for everyone, nor will it will replace the bourgeoisie in directing the economy.

Negrophobia*: the fire next time!

"State racism and institutional or police negrophobia are never identified, questioned or even less stigmatized. Everything carries on as if no one among journalists, intellectuals, politicians, all whom are predominantly white, were incapable to articulate the reality of these negrophobic attacks, which are growing ever more frequent in Europe. Obviously they have no motivation to do so. For negrophobia, the tool of racial hierarchies and domination, organizes the different [State] authorities just as it makes the media indifferent so long as the ghettos do not burn."

La muerte verdadera de la política

UN EJEMPLAR ORIGINAL DE EDICIONES INÉDITOS originalmente publicado en inglés el 23 de enero 2017 Trump ya ha tomado el puesto de presidente de los EEUU y los de la Izquierda y los liberales han salido en masa para denunciarlo, incluso congresista & líder de derechos civiles, John Lewis, quien lo toma como ilegítimo. Pero … Continue reading La muerte verdadera de la política

The real death of politics

This anti-political wave may take on different names according to its context: proletarian insurgency, les casseurs, the invisible party, los desmadrosos, thugs, etc. but they all point away from relying on the state to recognize us as citizens to negotiate with. The point of course is not to merely be ungovernable but to be able to initiate, with our revolting actions, the means to live free of the State, Capital, Patriarchy, Colonization and Work.